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We can choose from 23 professions which are divided into a class, namely:


Jiren hits with Glove 
Buu hits with Glove
These characters are very strong and have the role of blockers in the team on bosses/mvp or sagas, however, their DMG is not big and does not help too much in the fights, however, it's very hard to kill them.


Tsuful hits with Glove/Weapon
C17 hits with Glove
C18 hits with Glove
Characters that are balanced have a lot of absorb as well as a good DMG - universal character for blocking (not as effective as Tanki) and for dealing DMG in battles (not like DPS)

DPS (Damage Dealer)

Goku hits with Glove/Weapon
Vegeta hits with Glove
Gohan hits with Glove/Sword
Chibi Trunks hits with Glove
Namekjin hits with Glove/Ki Blast
Freeza hits with Glove
Cell hits with Glove/Ki Blast
Cooler hits with Glove
Bardock hits with Glove
Trunks hits with Glove/Sword
Brolly hits with Glove
Beerus hits with Glove/Ki Blast
Goku Black hits with Glove/Sword
Janemba hits with Glove/Sword
Characters having the biggest DMG in the game and interesting attacking techniques or combo spells. Each character is unique and has its own + and -, however, they are not too strong and are not suitable too much to block sagas/mvp. Their task is to quickly annihilate the opponent.


Dende hits with Ki Blast
Whis hits with Weapon/Ki Blast
Healing characters and buffing his team can make a senzu, cast spells that slow down enemies, increase DMG accompanies and disturb enemies, but they are not strong, so they become the main target in battles.

Skills - what do they give and how to train them?


- The level of experience of our character is gained by killing monsters while doing sagas while exercising at gravity/time room

Ki Level

- The level of our character techniques, the more we are able to use new better techniques and it increases our DMG from techniques we skill it using ki (mana) basic spell to burn ki points: power down


- is responsible for the development of our character, we can choose in which direction we will improve more on this topic below in the guide and under the link: DEVELOPING SYSTEM

Weapon Fighting

is responsible for the amount of DMG from weapons

Sword Fighting

is responsible for the amount of DMG from swords


is responsible for the amount of DMG from gloves

Ki Blasting

is responsible for the amount of DMG from ki's (distance)


- is responsible for critical chance - 10 skills are a 3% chance to hit critically e.g. on 110 skill we have a 33% chance of a critical hit. We can skill him without a weapon "goal hand"

How to start?

At first, we appear in the hell at Yama's should approach him and write Hi to appear in the first city with which we will have contact, i.e. small city


To effectively start our adventure in the world of WODBO HEROES, we have 3 ways to choose 

First, we go to the canals where we find weak monsters on which we can match 20 lvl such as wolves, larves and bats and then we go south from small city and visit the map along the way we find a lot of interesting exp places for different lvl:

The second option is to go to the Gravity room which is located not far from the temple. You have to go down and there we can skill and at the same time lvl to run on the floor to do it effectively should be what lvl increase the level of gravity to get more exp for running. To do this approach to machines that are in the middle of the gravity room write HI and set "your lvl", eg on the 8th lvl we write set 8 in this way we set the gravity:


The third choice is to go to Karrin Tower, we will find it to the right of the temple where we can gain experience and train the newly introduced development of our character running around the time room. For each skill we get, we get 3 points to give away according to our preferences, which will allow us to choose the path to develop our character. More on the development points can be found here at the link: DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM

Not depending on which options we choose, I recommend exp in this way 30-50lvl depending on which one we have the first transformations and then go to one of the low-lvl exp places, we will now offer you some of them:

The first interesting exp place is Namkek Island to the right of the 50lvl gate deposit in the rock:

The second interesting place is Planet Namek where you can easily gain experience up to 200lv because you can find a lot of locations on various planets from 50 to 200 to get there, we go to the Capsule on the right of Temple and write Hi >> Namek

The third easily accessible location is the androids/terminators on south-west of the city where, by the way, we can do a quest on Pai Pai Helmet which is ideal for the beginning of the game:

I also recommend starting to make sagas out of which we will provide initial equipment. The rewards for the saga are very interesting and will allow us to build a budget / senzu for which we can buy better items from other players. Location of Sagas under the link:SAGA TUTORIAL
I hope this guide will help you start your adventure on our OTS. For more questions, I recommend visiting our bookmarks on the website or asking questions in the game.

I also recommend you to look at our guides for quests and other locations worth visiting: